I have such wonderful memories of my teenage years at Paul Robeson High School. I especially remember when I was in first-year high school and our teacher was Mrs. Young. There were 20 energetic students in that class. My best friends in the class were Jenny and Mary. I remember all our classes with Mrs. Young were always lively and fun.

We had our field trip at the Lincoln Park Zoo. We were all excited to see the different animals. There were giraffes, zebras, monkeys, owls, and a bear. We learned about mammals, reptiles, birds, and amphibians. All of a sudden, we realized that one of my classmates, Leo, was missing. He got lost and our teachers had to go all over the place to search for him. His name was announced over the public announcement system. Mrs. Young was so worried but she was determined to find Leo. It turned out he was hiding near the lions’ cages because he did not want to leave them as he fell in love with the lions. He was crying when our teachers told him that it was time to go home. To stop him from crying, our teachers bought all of us ice cream cones! What a treat! All is well that ends well. From then on, we called our classmate “Leo the lion” and he liked it.

There was also a time when I was not able to go to school for 3 consecutive days. On the second day, Mrs. Young went to our house to check on me. She found out that I had a fever but we could not go to the doctor as my father did not have his salary yet. She lent us the money so that I could have my check up and buy some medicines. I am really thankful for having such a caring homeroom adviser!