Greetings from Paul Robeson High School! This is the school’s official website.

Greetings from Paul Robeson High School! This is the school’s official website. We do our best to make it as informative and interactive as possible. We want it to be an online gateway where school administrators, teachers, and parents or guardians can meet and discuss school policies and progress of their children. For teachers and students, we hope that this website will help you organize your school work so that you can manage your time and lessons effectively and efficiently. For parents or guardians, we hope that you will use this website as a tool to enhance the learning experience for your children.

You can check the News and Announcements page for the updated school year calendar, conduct policy, attendance policy, uniform dress policy, lesson plan format for teachers, progress reports, and reunion plans for alumni batches.

The Events page shows when the school activities will be held such as the periodical examinations, the due date for submission of grades, distribution of report cards, rehearsals for graduation, processing for clearance of graduating students, athletic banquet, Teacher’s Day, and last day of school.

In our Departments Section, you will see the different academic, educational support, and maintenance departments, the number of staff that serves our school, and the names and contact numbers of each staff under each department. This is in line with our objective to bring the school’s officers and staff closer to the parents and guardians so that they can have a healthy discussion about the individual child’s progress and holistic development in school.

We also have an alumni directory to make it easier for you to get in touch with your batchmates. If you have not yet submitted your information, we encourage you to fill out the alumni directory form so that we can keep you updated with events and projects of the school.

We have also posted links to websites that you can check to get more information on where you can apply for summer jobs, After School Matters program, computer skills assessment, or take online classes. We have also linked the Illinois Learning Standards so that teachers, staff, and students alike are well informed about the seven core areas to be developed and reinforced among students in public schools.

For those who are interested to work with us, check out the Job Opportunities page for posts of prospective positions that we are looking for.
In behalf of the school administrators, Dr. Amour J. Andrews (Assistant Principal), Dr. Loretta Young-Wright (Assistant Principal), and Dr. Rosemarie V. Nicholes (Administrator), this is your School Principal, James E. Breashears, welcoming you to Paul Robeson High School. Together with our teachers and staff, we all look forward to helping you make your dreams come true through the quality education that we provide in our school. In the future, when you look back upon your newly repaired garage door in Tucson or wherever you may be, we hope you smile as you remember that Paul Robeson High School was a special part in molding you to be the successful person that you have always dreamed to be.

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