Activities and Organizations

The school encourages students to join clubs and organizations to help promote overall development. Education is not just in the classroom. There is so much more to learn by being a part of a group and giving yourself a chance to develop and share your skills and talents with others.

Here is a list of school activities and programs for academic and sports development.

  • Baseball (Boys Varsity) – Engage in team sports to develop self-discipline, motivation, teamwork, and camaraderie. Our school has a solid baseball program designed by professional coaches from the minor league. They also have connections to colleges and leagues to offer scholarships to baseball athletes who excel in their games.
  • Basketball (Boys and Girls) – The school competes with other schools in Illinois. We have professional coaches who conduct training for the athletes so that they will learn about proper strategies for defense and offense. This is also a great way to inculcate discipline, hard work, and teamwork among our students. Basketball scouts are always on the lookout for our games to offer a college scholarship to deserving students.
  • Bowling (Boys and Girls) – If you have the passion and eye for throwing the ball down the lane and knock down as many pins as possible, you might have what it takes to join our bowling team. The school has a ten-pin bowling center where the team practices for their competitions.
  • Cheerleaders – For those who have a passion for cheering and dancing, lend your talents to promote the school spirit and help motivate our athletes to win the games and the championship.
  • Martial Arts (Boys and Girls) – Learn about self-defense through the combat practices of martial arts. Students will also learn about proper discipline and mental and spiritual development. Our professional coaches will also train your children to do friendly competitions to bring out the best in them.
  • Yearbook – Students can learn about lay outing, creative writing, editing, and marketing. They will lead the committee assigned to collect information and photos of the graduating batch. They will also look for sponsors from our local community to finance the project.

Paul Robeson High School also offers the following programs:

  • Mayor Daley’s YouthNet/Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago
  • Newspaper/Journalism
  • Student Council
  • Drama Club
  • Swim Team (For Boys and Girls)
  • Track Team (For Boys and Girls)
  • Football (For Boys Only)
  • Volleyball
  • Wrestling (For Boys and Girls)