About Us

Our school was named after Paul Robeson who was a scholar, academic achiever, linguist, recognized athlete, actor, singer, and social activist. He embodied the holistic development of a student as we believe it is not just about academics but also in different fields where one can excel and develop his or her full potential. Robeson then went on to shine in the entertainment industry and most importantly, used his skills and talents to promote liberation and people empowerment.

Paul Robeson High School was established on September 6, 1977, as an educational facility in the service of the Englewood community. It is the school’s vision to assist students in their cognitive, psychosocial, behavioral, and socio-cultural development. Here at Paul Robeson High School, it gladdens our hearts to see our students graduate with the proper discipline, motivation, and knowledge needed to face the challenges of the life. We hope to inculcate core values and critical thinking so that they can be productive members of our society. It is our mission to use all our skills and talents to provide children with quality education. We also promote special education to give children with special needs the opportunity to learn according to their abilities and eventually be mainstreamed to regular education. We recognize that there are different learning styles and we understand that there are multiple disciplines where children can demonstrate their intelligence. Thus, we do not allow our teachers to rely on written and oral examinations alone to evaluate a child’s level of understanding. We encourage them to design their lessons to be interactive and integrate different disciplines in their approach.

Here at Paul Robeson High School, we believe that education is the key to success. It will provide them with the tools they will need in life. That is why we partner with parents and communities to help mold and develop our children to be the best that they can be.